Alcohol passport test

An alcohol passport is a certificate that is issued to a person who has satisfactorily completed a test evaluating the regulations and instructions for the serving of alcoholic beverages. The test can also be taken without a training.

When is an alcohol passport required?

You need an alcohol passport if you are responsible of place serving alcohol and your skills are based on work experience, and you do not have training or a degree in the field. Obtaining an alcohol passport requires the successful completion of the alcohol passport test.

Taking the test

The alcohol passport test is performed in the presence of an invigilator by taking the exam at the premises of Ava-akatemia in Herttoniemi, Helsinki.

You have to come to the test on time, and if you are late it is no longer possible to participate in the test session.

After completing the alcohol passport test, you will receive the results by email. You will receive a temporary certificate for an approved test result and an official certificate one week after the test time.

The test can be taken in Finnish, Swedish or English.

NOTE! Participating in the test requires a photo ID!


Alcohol passport test 53€
Retest 43€

Alcohol passport training 55€

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Upon request, we also organize trainings and tests for groups at workplaces and other locations.

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